“Racial integration & hidden drives”.


I created this book as inspiration for others and myself. After a thorough research of a month, in the broadest way possible; and deep thinking about the origin of my motivation and passion. This is what triggers me and what I think it can inspire you too and making think twice.

The images displayed are the book itself, the creation of both of the two chapters, and a double page of each. The text is it’s introduction, explaining the main idea behind it.


The most abstract is what actually matters the most. It is untangible, hard to describe, but always present. Like emotions, death and life. Also our appearance, how we decide or do to dress and present ourselfs. What triggers you the most? Why? Why do you feel comfortable here or not? Why does that attract so much to you? Why do we behave like this?  Why do we dress here like we are doing, and why is it different to other generations, and cultures? It is not only about the same rational lines and patterns. It is about natural instincts, psychological reasons. Energy’s or facts which the human do not understand and is never going to do so. Our brain and the universe where we live in is a total enigma. These substances influence us, determine our lifes and confuse us. In daily life, we try to focus on the things we know and ignore the rest. Aware or not. Lacking of a meaning, every person translate it to their own believes, thoughts or religion. Beauty can be found everywhere, in how things or actions are totally imperfect, the harmonious of nature’s complex system, or the coalision and bonding between human. It depends by who perceives it how it is. Everyone has an own vision formed by their cultural background, formed or forming identity, the width of their open mind, determines the seen details, and the inspiration taken.

In this book, my own vision of details I found (maybe not so detailed) are brought into visuals and texts. I created two different themes after a process of collecting information from the broadest sources possible .I found out that there is , definetly an unwilling pattern of what defines me most. Although, from a deeper aspect, with new associations, how it affects me and also people around me.

The first theme is about human as collective and the second one about human as individuallity. It is a journey in human behaviour and its consequences. About the beauty of the differences between us and the freedom of being as we are. The themes are related together because of the need to have a society whithout strict moral codes which limits and judge; but where we can be ourselves, create our own identity and be accepted for that:

1. Integration.

It is everywhere and influencing fashion. We can use it as a tool to gather communities and cultures together, extracting its essences and details, admire the differences, mixing and combining them in order to design new unique, totally different styles, which can define each personality over the world.

2. Hidden drives, “Appetitive internal forces”.

This leads each individual, mainly unconsiously. Freud studied human’s personality in phsychoanalisis and divided into three factors. This will be explained, as well as the causes which motivates actions and thoughts, which are two primitive factors (often seen at taboe): sex and agression. This is also reflected in fashion. The practical matter of clothes is not the main purpose, but representing ourself is. How we dress must be ruled by our personality. Before we have to explore what it embraces and what its impulses are; for which we have to cave deep, or maybe not so deep as we think, in our inner and giving us and others the space to do this.

I look forward to leading you into this book transmitting the same inspiration, passion and care with which I made it.


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