What is Zero Waste and why it matters to all of us.

Zero Waste consists of producing the minimum of non-recyclable garbage. It is about redefining the system. Nowadays we live in a linear economy where we take resources from the earth and dump them in a giant hole in the ground, ocean or beside the roads. The goal of zero waste is to move to a circular economy where we create no more new trash. If we organise well, there is no need to leave trash in nature, and we could save the planet by a growing overload of this. The way we live at the moment, can not be continued in a large period of time. We can not recycle all the waste and there is no land enough for the waste produced, natural energies, neither to make all production ecological. Simply population consumption is too big for this. The only option is to reduce an reuse. Recycling is the last option. Only a 9% of plastic is recycled. We do not need everything that we believe we need, capitalism has made us believe this. Actually, there are loads of simpler and cleaner alternatives.

In 30 years there will be more plastics than fishes in the ocean. Each year plastic waste kills a million birds and around 100.000 sea mammals. Almost a 40% of waste comes from packaging. And if we don’t care just about their living conditions, it also affects us, human beings. All that we pollute in nature it will come back to us. We can not live on a planet filled with plastic and toxins. The health condition of the earth is linked to our health condition. We need to change our behaviour before it can not go back to a clean planet anymore, which looks already to a big challenge.

Everyone can join this movement, start even the same day, there are no rules nor restrictions. What counts is the will to inform and try to change habits. It is a process of exploring new alternatives. Every day you have the decision to positively impact the planet, you will notice an improvement in your life quality. Side effects include being more healthy, saving money, feeling better and no more worries about taking out the trash! And… I can help you!

It is a process, not a thing from one day to another. Then it could be a bit overwhelming. Let’s open our minds and look further than our usual bought. We can not ignore our implication in this problem. Each purchase is a vote. If a product is sold it is produced. If there is a shop we do not support but we still buy there, we are stimulating them to continue or even grow. Here is where it all starts. Being aware. Actually, there is a lot to be aware of, facts we have not even thought about it and systematically do. You could think it does not matter. It is easy to move responsibility to others or to ignore the consequences. I totally understand. But on the other hand, we can just do a little research, assume these responsibilities and confront them. This is not hard at all as it could seem at the beginning. I actually feel much better being aware of what effects have my everyday activities have on the population and mother nature. When you are aware, you can decide. We have the chance now with loads of accessible information to inform ourselves. And if we do not want to participate at this at all, let it be a conscious argumentative decision. However, I truly believe that every person who is well informed will change its behaviour.

So point one would be: before making any purchase, wait and think about it if you truly need it or not. And if you need it, why not buy it second hand. Keeping in mind reduce and reuse with our daily actions, start making awareness about the amount of waste we make and what can easily be changed in our first sight. The further we go into this movement, how more options we can explore! It is a beautiful path which connects us to the earth and ourselves.

I will be posting more about Zero Waste to keep you on track and help each other grow in this movement! Now I have introduced the concept and its relevance, I will focus on concrete practical cases to carry out, making improvement in this movement clear and accessible. Do you have any doubt, recommendation or comment? Please let me know, I will love to hear about it! I will leave also some of the articles below from which I took information.

I truly hope I can inspire you, lots of love, Lune.









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